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Sermon Title: Remaining Faithful
By: Martin Cicero
Date: 12-12-2020
Joshua 23:1-16
Our God is faithful and now it is time to thank God for His faithfulness by being faithful to Him. We tend to remember all the blessings of God and ignore the warnings. We must remember that many of the promises of God came with warnings. Have we remained faithful to the God of the universe?
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Sermon Title: Thanksgiving 2020
By: Martin Cicero
Date: 11-28-2020
Psalm 100:1-5
Hebrews has challenged many people down through the ages and today is no different. There are questions about who wrote it and to whom was it written. When was it written and why? Come with us as we begin to look at this section of scripture. It will challenge you to become who you were created to become.
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Sermon Title: Jesus Our City Of Refuge
By: Martin Cicero
Date: 11-21-2020
Joshua 20:1-9
In Joshua's day six cities were designated cities of refuge. It was a place for those that accidentally killed someone to run for safety from the avenger of death. Today we see that Jesus is our city of refuge.
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Sermon Title: Finishing Strong 2
By: Martin Cicero
Date: 11-14-2020
Joshua 15
We see that Caleb finishes strong for the Lord. We can too if we refuse to listen to the lies that say we are too old to be of any value. Better to contribute a little than nothing at all. We were not given permission to relax and let someone else take over rather we are to work for the Lord until our last breath.
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Sermon Title: Finishing Strong
By: Martin Cicero
Date: 11-07-2020
Joshua 11-14
So often we retire and decide to live a life of leisure and pleasure. God shows us through Joshua and Caleb that we may retire from our secular occupations but we never retire from the Spiritual war we live in. We are to keep fighting and trust God for the results.
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Sermon Title: A New Beginning
By: Martin Cicero
Date: 10-31-2020
Acts 10
In this story we see a man that has all the looks of a Christian and yet God sends Peter to tell Cornelius the good news of the gospel. Salvation came to the gentiles after God prepared Peter for the task.
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Sermon Title: Compromising With The Enemy
By: Martin Cicero
Date: 10-24-2020
Joshua 9–10:15
We find that when we don’t take the time to know God, His word and His plans that we are very susceptible to compromising with the enemy.
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Sermon Title: The Coming Of Christ War Resurrection Kingdom
By: Ruben Davila
Date: 10-17-2020

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Sermon Title: Getting It Right
By: Martin Cicero
Date: 10-10-2020
Joshua 8:1-35
Israel learned that even the easiest of things should not be done on their own. It is always wise to take everything to the Lord in prayer. It is then that God can use our mistakes and failures and use them for God. We are always a success when we walk, talk and act as Jesus did as he walked this earth.
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Sermon Title: Falling Away
By: Kyle Sheffield
Date: 10-03-2020
Hebrews 6:1-12
We are seeing people fall away from the faith daily. We are all at risk of falling away, and we need to be diligent in our growth in God to avoid the danger. The focus of this message is to encourage anyone who is struggling in their faith and to remind us all to return to God.
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