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Sermon Title: God's Talking - are we listening?
By: Elder David Kauer
Date: 9-18-2010
Key Text: Matthew 17:1-9
Jesus, on the Mount where He often communed with His Heavenly Father, takes His chosen three disciples and shares with them the Transfiguration experience. We then explore the special times when God spoke to Moses and Elijah and with the help of James 5:17,18, bring applications to our time as the Antichrist power is now gaining influence in our nation and the world. (approx. 38 min.)

Sermon Title: Grace Demands Response
By: Elder David Kauer
Date: 9-11-2010
Key Text: 2 Peter 1:1-11
Peter, in this second letter to the faithful continues with the importance of remembering that living under the Grace of God through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit demands the discipline of attention to living as "Obedient children" who have been called into a life of Holiness in all conduct. (approx. 40 min.)

Sermon Title: Seven Lean and Seven Fat
By: Brother Manuel Adame
Date: 11-27-2010
Key Text: Isaiah 5:20
(approx. 37 min.)

Sermon Title: Islam, Antichrist
By: Brother Manuel Adame
Date: 08-28-2010
(approx. 52 min.)

Sermon Title: The Little Horn
By: Brother Manuel Adame
Date: 08-21-2010
(approx. 42 min.)

Sermon Title: Making a Difference, Pass it on!
By: Elder David Kauer
Date: 8-14-2010
Key Text: John 9:1-10
Jesus said: "You are the salt of the earth. . ."; "You are the light of the world. . ." A disciple of Jesus is to make an impression and at times even to make an impact in the life of others. (approx. 37 min)

Sermon Title: Gospel in Relay, Pass it on!
By: Elder David Kauer
Date: 8-7-2010
Key Text: 2 Timothy 2:1-10
"Be strong in the grace of Christ Jesus, and the teachings which I have given you pass them on to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." (approx. 37 min.)

Sermon Title: The Wonders of God
By: Brother Manuel Adame
Date: 07-31-2010
Key Text: Genesis 1:9-13
(approx. 47 min. Including a PowerPoint presentation) Download presentation here (82MB-Requires PowerPoint 2007)

Sermon Title: CERTAINTY
By: Elder David Kauer
Date: 7-24-2010
Key Text: Revelation 22:1-7
Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, this week responded to a question in a hearing before a congressional committee regarding the employment and economic situation which is challenging the leadership of our country with the statement: Unusually uncertain. Our "Island of Stability" can only come from El Shaddai through Jesus Christ our Lord. In such a time as this we certainly need to remind ourselves and diligently follow His instructions. (approx. 36 min.)

Sermon Title: Let God Be True
By: Elder David Kauer
Date: 7-17-2010
Key Text: Psalms 20
The Spiritual Church is to believe God, the Creator of all things, who holds man accountable! (approx. 36 min)

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